Friday, November 27, 2015

Toe-ing the line

It was another glorious start to the day. It was clearly going to be hot again, having not dropped below 26c overnight. We had breakfast and then went to the gym. The Gorse Fox is determined to be fit for football when he returns.

We dropped off some laundry with Tukta, then popped in to see Cousteau-cub at Narima. She was cracking through some emails after her yoga class, first thing. At lunch time she had to go to the hospital. She had dropped a scuba tank on her foot last weekend and though the bruise had come out, she looked as if a toe was broken and the nail was damaged and infected. We offered to take her, but she was convinced she'd be ok.

We carried on to SalaDan to, again, visit the market we had seen before and was closed on ur last visit. Guess what? It was closed agian today! Oh Well, we parked up and walked through another mark area, giving the Silver Vixen a chance to rummage and select the odd bits and pieces.

We looped (as is our habit, now) back round the east coast of the Island. We we intending to see a local village set among the mangrove and banyans... that didn't work either. We clearly missed the turning somewhere and ended up headed down toward Old Town.

We turned back westwards and headed over the mountain, stopping a View Point restaurant for some lunch. This is and excellent spot near the top of the mountain with views over the whole of the east coast of the Island. As we ate we sta and watched a sea eagle soaring on the thermals and lazily keeping eye on his domain.

We returned to the hotel where we heard from Cousteau-cub. It seems that the Thai hospital decided the toe nail had to come off. Unlike the UK, however, they don't provide a local anaesthetic. They just tug it out. By the time Cousteau-cub was calling us she was self-anaesthetising with several glasses of red wine at a friend's bar.

Not much of a sunset today as heavy clouds obscured the setting sun and lightning played back and forth through the clouds for several hours. Despite the amount of lightning, there was no thunder and no rain.... just the light show!

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