Saturday, November 28, 2015


It was another cracking day. Wall to wall blue sky with a few puffy punctuation marks of white cloud. Temperature well up into the low 30s again. The Gorse Fox did his session in the gym; he really wasn't in the mood, but it had to be done. He was delighted, however, that the owner of the hotel came and sought him out to say goodbye. He is off to Phuket for a few days and unlikley to return before we leave... so he came to say goodbye and wish us a safe trip. The Gorse Fox must say that this is a fabulous hotel and we really feel like part of the family.

Later we popped in to see Cousteau-cub. She was manning dive shop at Narima. She was still pretty sore from yesterday's rather brutal toe-nail removal. After checking on her we headed north and stopped at a supermarket for a few bits Cousteau-cub had requested, then headed on round to the east of the island.

This time we found the road down to the village by the mangrove swamp. We left the car and after decline a trip through the swamp on a longtail, we paid a few baht to wander around the paths that had be laid. 

After several hundred yards, it becomes clear that if you've seen one bit of mangrove forest, you've seen it all. It was an homogenouscollection of tortured and twisted mangroves for as far as the eye could see.

Back at the car, and very grateful for the air conditioning, we headed back through Klong Nin and again met up with Cousteau-cub to give her the shopping and grab some lunch. AFter that, a quiet afternoon was spent with the books before heading down to Drunken Sailor for dinner after today's dramatic sunset.

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