Sunday, November 15, 2015

National Park

After breakfast we hit the gym - yes both of us. Then after burning a few calories we had a swim. Life can be such a strain.

We headed down to the National Park, which occupies the south western tip of the Island. We had been before, but it is a lovely spot... and only 7km from the hotel, so took only a few minutes to get there. 

We wandered down to the lighthouse, and back round along the white talcum-powder sands of the cove. 

There were a few tourists making the most of the lovely beach and the calm, warm waters. In the distance, to the South, you could see a rain squall hitting the Islands - and hear the thunder as small sparks of lightning flashed in the clouds. On Lanta, though, it was still bright, hot, and sunny.

Leaving the park we returned to Kantiang where we had a late lunch at Drunken Sailors. As we were finished the thunder started overhead so we headed back to the hotel and got to our room just as the first drops of rain started to cool the air. the thunder and lightning continued for a while, but the rain never really amounted to much.

Cousteau-cub came along to see us late afteroon. She had been out on the boat and doing some underwater photography with clients all day. Later she has a staff meeting, so it was only a short visit. she was with us to watch the daily light show that  most people think of as sunset. It would, therefore, be wrong to sign off without one of the photos from tonight's show.

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