Saturday, November 14, 2015

Do not disturb

After a hearty breakfast and, for the Gorse Fox a trip to the gym and a subsequent swim, we had another dreadful day of sitting by the pool in 31C temperatures whist sipping on cool drinks and deciding on what to do for supper. Cousteau-cub was out on the boat filming the dives, and the Coventry Hobbit had much of the day to himself. Both came to join up with us, late afternoon.

As the evening approached we heard about the trouble at Gatwick, but were able to get an update from Urban-cub - who, of course, is in the midst of it and getting full briefings on the situation. 

Relieved by first hand news we headed for The Drunken Sailors where we enjoyed some fine food and, perhaps, the odd glass of cool and refreshing elixir. Whilst there, we saw Tad and resolved to pop in and see him at The Bad Penny - when we get a chance

It would be wrong to sign-off without the obligatory sunset photo.

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