Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Twist and Shout

Well that didn't go to plan.

The Gorse Fox headed off to Worthing for the football. It was nice to see all the old crew for the first time in several weeks. There were also a number of new chaps that Gorse Fox will get to know over the weeks. There were enough for 4 teams of 6 and so we kicked off a mini tournament-styled set of matches. That's when the plan changed. After about 7 minutes, the Gorse Fox intercepted a ball just as it was being kicked. This twisted his ankle and his knee. The ankle soon settled , but the knee is a bit tender. With the holiday on the horizon, he decided not to push things and sat out the rest of the games.

Once home he returned to the theme of garage clearance. The body of the saw need to be stowed away safely. A bit of thinking was needed, as was a survey of options. Eventually, the Gorse Fox came up wit the ideal solution and after a bit of shifting and a bit of drilling the saw was securely hanging from hooks on the wall.

As part of the same exercise the Gorse Fox spoke with his neighbour. He had expressed interest in the spare wood, left over from the screens. That only took a few minutes to transfer to his garage. Now if the Gorse Fox could just get rid of the bike, the lawn mower, and the strimmer the garage would be all set.

Mark from the company who built the Orangery (Outside Interests) came along this afternoon to take some photos of the finished project.


Matthew Spencer said...

Hello Gorse Fox, I'd be interested in the bike if it is up for grabs, particularly if it's a "mountain" type. I would have to travel over from Lewes to collect it. Matthew

The Gorse Fox said...

Matthew, the bike is still available. Send me an email gorsefox at gmail dot com and I'll send you a photo