Sunday, October 11, 2015

Triple decker

Being Sunday, the Gorse Fox has tried his best to keep the noise to an absolute minimum. The garage doors were kept closed whilst the saw was operating, and he tried not to utter any expletives when finding that he had not quite trimmed enough of the odd board here or there.

Progress was good and by the time he stopped for some lunch, the verandah deck was boarded and half of the dining deck was done. An hour or so later, the dining deck was complete.

Now, as before, these boards are cut to size and fitted, but not yet fixed down.

There is much work to be done still. Levelling up, inserting noggins where some shorter boards are not fully supported, and finally there is a decorative skirt to cut and fix all the way round. Nevertheless, the bulk of the work is done, and the Silver Vixen says she is very happy with the outcome. The Gorse Fox is chuffed.

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scobi said...

looking really good!