Thursday, October 01, 2015


The Gorse Fox made a prompt start. The screens started yesterday were extended downwards (after we had decided that they needed more depth). Then, new slats were cut, ends sealed and holes drilled. The next two screens were underway. This did require a trip to Screwfix, however, as the design change had pushed the Gorse Fox beyond the contents of a single box of screws. Whilst out, he stopped at Travis Perkins and ordered the wood required for the pergola. Hopefully, this will arrive tomorrow morning and the Gorse Fox can get the pergola finished over the weekend.

Once back home, it didn't take long to complete the last of the screens.

The man from Amazon arrived with our new hose cassette. This was fitted and tested. Such progress! The Gorse Fox isn't sure what's come over him. He is, however, worried about the sheer volume of wood due to arrive on Monday - and where it will go.

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