Friday, October 02, 2015


Travis Perkins arrived just after seven a.m., there would be no hanging around for the Gorse Fox today. Four 150x47 at 3.6m and five 125x47 at 3.6m. Girding his loins, the Gorse Fox headed out into the bright morning sunshine and started up the workshop vacuum and the saw. The four cross beams were cut to size and shaped, and 3 temporary bearers were screwed in position on the uprights. The beams were offered up, and holes drilled from side to side. Coach bolts were hammered through and tightened. Voila, the beams were fixed.

Next the joists were cut to size and the ends shaped. These had to be notched to fit over the beams. The Gorse Fox clamped them together and marked up the cuts. Then he had to use the hand-held circular saw. A series of parallel cuts were made and a storm of sawdust was created. The Gorse Fox was covered from head to foot. This was time to dust down and get lunch.

After lunch, the notches were hammered out and the joists positioned. It didn't take too long to get it finished by then. The Gorse Fox had just got down from fitting the last screw when the Silver Vixen got home, so timed it to perfection.

The screens are finished, and the pergola is finished. The Gorse Fox has a quiet weekend planned, then Monday sees the arrival of the wood for the deck. (Hence the carefully framed photos, not showing the void where the deck will be).


Anonymous said...

Where is Jasper going to … shall we say … "perform"?

The Gorse Fox said...

Now that is a good question... and one that has given pause (paws) for thought. Original plan was to leave some gravel beside the pergola, but that hasn't happened so we may need to fiddle about a bit.