Thursday, October 08, 2015


Progress continues. Firstly, the spine of the utility was finished, then the Gorse Fox put down the landscaping fabric under the dining deck. That was an awkward task. Though the day had been totally still, as soon as he started to unreal the fabric, a breeze picked up and insisted that the fabric should actually be used as a kite, or a sail.
The Gorse Fox spread himself out across the black sail and hammered pegs into the corners. For every two pegs hammered in, one would hit a stone and refuse to go any further. It was going to be a test of patience. Eventually it was down, but then the Gorse Fox had to recheck that the deck was square (lifting the corners may have knocked it out of kilter).

The Gorse Fox then started to cut the ribs for the deck. It took a bit of fiddling about (and a couple of cutting errors). Once done, and errors corrected, the ribs were fitted. That was good morning's work.

After lunch the Gorse Fox decided that he would get all of the rest of the landscape fabric down. At this point the Silver Vixen's ears pricked up. Fabric! That's her domain. She got changed and came out to help with the measuring and cutting, and the fitting of the fabric under the frame. (She didn't pin it or stitch it, however).

Once that was complete, it seemed like a good point at which to call it a day.

Tomorrow's plan is to prepare and cut the ribs for the veranda deck... and then see how much progress can be made on the utility deck. The Gorse Fox has a degree of momentum, and the piles of wood on the front driveway are slowly disappearing (though there are huge mounds of sawdust forming in the garage).

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