Wednesday, October 07, 2015


The Gorse Fox has spent the day working on the decking project. As described yesterday, the Gorse Fox started with a trip to Screwfix and then got started on the framing of the verandah deck. This took most of the morning, but eventually it was done and the diagonals were checked to ensure it was square.

The ledger boards were then fitted to the west wall of the Orangery and the south wall of the garage. Then Gorse Fox laid out the frame for the final module (the utility deck). A couple of hours later the basic from was complete (and square). By then it was approaching four-thirty and it was starting to spit with rain. This seemed like a good hint to pack it in for the day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be as productive. The plan is to complete the spine of the utility deck, then having laid the landscaping fabric, start on fitting the joists (ribs) of the frames.

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