Monday, October 12, 2015

Fixing it

It was another glorious October day. Gin-clear skies, and initially quite chilly. Once the sun took hold, it was pleasantly warm (as long as you stayed out of the breeze).

After a scheduled trip to the dentist, the Gorse Fox got back to work on the deck. Today was devoted to the fine tuning of the dining deck, and the fixing of the deck boards. It was tedious and repetitive work but turned out well.

Urban-cub came to visit when she had finished her shift at Gatwick. It was nice to see her and gave the Gorse Fox an excuse to have the afternoon off (it was, after all, getting a bit cool out there). The verandah deck will have to get the fine-tune and fixing treatment tomorrow.

We got text message from the Gorse Fox's sister. Clearly, the family is going through some stressful times at present, with her Mother-in-Law very unwell and in hospital. They are scheduled to go off to New York at the end of the week - but this is now in question. Our thoughts are with them.

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