Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fine tuning

It was a chilly start and there was cold north-easterly blowing. Having said that, our garden is fairly sheltered when the wind is from that direction.

The Gorse Fox, as planned, moved onto the verandah deck and started the fine tuning and fixing of the deck boards. It took a little longer than planned, but it all looks good now that is finished. Once that was done, the Gorse Fox started on the utility deck. This proved to be frustrating. As Gorse Fox moved across from the corner it was going ok until one of the boards turned out to be bowed. This had caused a ripple effect in the other boards, and one the bowed board was replaced, the remaining boards no longer fitted. This has meant some judicious cutting, and will mean some further work in the morning.

The Gorse Fox ordered some decking oil yesterday. Amazon said this was likely to take 3 days, even though it was ordered through "Prime". Well, they were somewhat pessimistic. It turned up at lunchtime today. That's a result, and now, once the fine tuning is finished, he can get on with the finish (hopefully before we get any rain).

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