Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Final stretch

Another brilliant October day. Clear skies, and, in the sun quite warm. In fact the Gorse Fox was working in a short-sleeved t-shirt for much of the day.

Progress was a little slower than planned. Only because there was more outstanding from yesterday than Gorse Fox had remembered. Finally, the last of the boards was finessed into position and fixed in place. Then the Gorse Fox had to finish off the skirt round the outside of the deck. This was fairly straightforward, except where the water feature ran parallel to the deck. The boards for that stretch needed to be ripped lengthwise. At first the big jigsaw was pressed into service, but this just would not cut straight in the damp wood. The big handheld circular saw was needed. It made very short work of the boards and soon the last part of the skirt was being fitted in place.

Gorse Fox still needs to oil the deck, and hopes tomorrow will remain dry until that is done. After that, we will need to get some of the Cotswold stone chipping to back fill the void round the deck... and, of course, clear the garage.

On another topic, the voucher for our car hire in Thailand arrived today. It's good that we are on the count-down.

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