Monday, October 05, 2015

Decking Project

The Gorse Fox was ready. The deck sub-frame design was stuck to the window, the joists all identified, and the cutting list was printed and displayed below.

Thumbs were twiddling... the timber was still in transit.
The phone rang. It was the delivery driver. He was in the area, but couldn't find us on his map. The Gorse Fox gave him instructions. Three minutes later he was pulling up outside.

The Gorse Fox was expecting him to deposit the timber on the pavement and assumed he would spend the rest of the afternoon moving it round onto the drive.

Fortunately the truck had a Hilift crane and was able to lift both bundles of timber and place them straight onto the driveway. That was a result.
Well that is one and three quarter tonnes of timber. The Gorse Fox has to turn this into a pile of sawdust, offcuts, and (somehow) a deck.

The Gorse Fox got started. The first ledger board was cut, and the first boundary beams sized and cut.

The ledger board was levelled, screwed, checked, unscrewed, re-levelled, re-screwed and prepared for fixing to the wall. Progress... but slow progress.

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