Saturday, October 10, 2015


The Gorse Fox's collection of sawdust is something to behold. The smell of cut wood and pine forests seems to suffuse the neighbourhood.

The Gorse Fox got cracking first thing. It was a bit too early for power tools, but he could at least start to lay things out. Our neighbour, from next door, came in to lend a hand with some of the measuring and squaring off. Soon the decorative boundary was pinned in place and the Gorse Fox could start on boarding the utility deck. This was long and heavy work. Some of the 4.8m lengths of Scandinavian redwood were quite heavy and it was necessary to manhandle them onto the saw, the reverse out, spin the wood end-to-end, and cut the opposing end to length. It was four o'clock before the Gorse Fox finished. (That was just the utility deck). The boards are all in place, but not screwed down - though at least they have not been screwed up, either!

Meanwhile, in the real world, the Silver Vixen has been out for the day. She and our neighbour had caught the coach to take them to the Ally Pally for a Sewing and Knitting Show. As the Gorse Fox writes, she still isn't back, but he can see that the coach is on the M25.

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