Monday, October 19, 2015


Well it took four trips, but it's clear.

The Gorse Fox was on a mission. He was determined to make inroads on the garage and clear some of the mountains of off-cuts and sawdust. At first he started looking at the off-cuts and deciding some were worthy of keeping for re-use, but after a while decided that was daft. He still has plenty of unused wood that can be saved.

It took two boot-loads of loose wood to get the pile down to a size that could be accommodated by a dumpy-bag (that the Gorse fox could actually lift). The third trip saw the detritus cleared and the garage was beginning to become visible. A switch to the Silver Vixen's car meant that the old garden chairs could also go... and now the Gorse Fox is pleased to say that he can put the car away in the garage once more.

He still want to find a way of stowing his saw on the wall, safely. That's a project for another day.

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