Sunday, October 18, 2015


Well, briefly, anyway.

The Gorse Fox was back to his Sunday morning football. It's only two weeks but he's been using different muscles and he found that it was hard going today. Having said that it was a good game. We were being well beaten in the first half (when we were one man short) but started to pul it back towards the break. In the second half (with even numbers on the teams) we pulled away and scored about a dozen goals, conceding only one. The Gorse Fox did his bit, scoring several, making several, and stopping many.

The afternoon has been very lazy. We've been sitting in the Orangery, the Silver Vixen has been knitting and the Gorse Fox has been "relaxing". In the background, the Sonos has been playing a playlist of excellent music.

Lamb shanks for supper... 10 minutes and counting.

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