Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Screen test

It has been a frustrating day. The Gorse Fox was just too late with his order to get the timber delivered to allow him to start on the additional screens that need to be built.

He had to hang around to monitor the collection of the skip, left by the landscapers. (So there was no football for the Gorse Fox, today). It would have been an ideal opportunity to crack on with the screens. Instead he spent the time setting up the saw, measuring and re-measuring the lengths needed, and pondering the fine details of the deck-build sequence. As some areas will be fairly inaccessible, they will have to be fixed before the frame is positioned.

Meanwhile, the Silver Vixen was deciding on the positioning of some of the plants that will fill the garden, and also clean the pots in which they stand. It is looking even better now than when finished last night. There's more depth and more points of interest.

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