Friday, September 18, 2015


It was another early start for the Gorse Fox. He had to be sure that he was ready for the arrival of the landscapers and any skips or deliveries that could arrive first thing. The landscapers arrive first, but soon after the skip lorry arrived to remove the first full skip and replace it with another empty one.

Then a truck arrived with the hard landscaping materials.

There was slate, there was cement, there was sand, there was ballast, there was stone chipping, there was limestone flags... in fact there was an astonishing amount of stuff.

The lads cracked on throughout the day (fuelled by coffee and biscuits). The area was levelled off, and footings were put in place for the planter that is part of the design.
At the end of the day, they tidied up well and hosed down the area at the front of the house. All things being considered, they are a nice bunch of lads and very good workers.

We now have a quiet weekend before it all kicks off again on Monday.

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