Saturday, September 26, 2015

New Project Phase

It was a lovely morning and with the patio now complete, it seemed like a good spot to sit and have coffee this morning (even if much of the rest of the garden still looks like a battlefield).

The last few months have clearly been the design phase of the project. (This was, obviously, preceded by the project outline, going out to tender, and supplier selection). The last week or so has been in the hands of the supplier, and the Gorse Fox has only had to worry about contract management of the supplier delivery. Today, however, we start a new phase. It is overlapping the end of Supplier Delivery, but it was clearly a good point at which to start our own Development Phase.

The materials for the first part of the Development Phase arrived on Friday. The Gorse Fox started the day by calibrating the new saw (checking that vertical was vertical, that 90 degrees was 90 degrees, and that the sighting laser was spot on where the cuts would be made). Then measuring twice, he set the length stop to right position and started cutting the wood for the first of several screen. Once cut, a template was laid on each end so that pilot holes could be drilled in the right place. Next, the cut ends were treated with a tanalising agent... and we were ready to go.

About a hour later, the job was done. The first module was tested (visually and with a spirit level) and delivered.

The next stage awaits delivery of the Scandinavian redwood, and the Gorse Fox can't order that until he is sure that the landscapers and their skip are off-site.

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