Monday, September 21, 2015


The landscapers arrived early. It was just as well because it was dry, first thing. By late morning the rain had set in... and they were looking very wet indeed (despite their wet-weather gear).

At the end of the day they had installed and levelled the pads upon which the deck will be supported, and created the foundation for the rill, and erected the posts that will support the trellis (that the Gorse Fox will build when they leave).

This photo gives no impression of just how wet it was. We actually felt sorry for them working in such conditions.

Meanwhile, the customer services chap from our house builder arrived. He was due tomorrow but asked if he could start early on our anniversary snag list. It was no problem for us, so he was rattling round during the day, sorting out some shrinkage cracks by the stairs, and sorting out several door handles and sticking doors. He's due back tomorrow (with a sidekick) to continue working through the list. With so much going on, the Gorse Fox has decided to skip football tomorrow (for the 3rd Tuesday in a row).

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