Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Eventually the timber arrived. The Gorse Fox shifted it into the garage and then got started. There are five panels to the screen, but the Gorse Fox was only working on three today. He needed to start in the corner and work out. In the corner the bars of the screen needed to be woven, right, then left, then right and so on. Even three panels required sixty bars cut to size. These were then sealed (to stop water ingress at the cut ends), and a template used to ensure all the screws lined up.

Working from the top down, the Gorse Fox started to weave the bars together and checked with a spirit level. Working from the top is more difficult, but is necessary to ensure that the end result looks right.

The Gorse Fox made a lot of progress, but will need to continue the project tomorrow in order to get it finished. It's a shame the morning was lost waiting for the timber. It did, however, give the Gorse Fox the opportunity to do the final detailed design of the pergola.

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