Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cutting list

The weather was lovely again today, and it was quite warm playing football in the morning. It was hard work as we only had 4 on each side for much of the game. Not sure what the final score was, but it ended up about even.

Back home the Gorse Fox returned to Sketchup to finish off a few aspects of the garden design. He got round to changing the ink cartridges on the A3 printer and has printed out several different views of the design for ourselves and for the landscapers. Once the design was finished it was a matter of hitting the spreadsheet to complete the cutting list.

The cutting list is a list of every joist or board in the deck, and their respective lengths. Then it is a matter of going through and optimising the standard lengths of the boards and joists so as not to end up with too much waste. This seemed like a simple challenge, but the Gorse Fox made hard work of developing an algorithm to automate part of the spreadsheet. Eventually, he cracked it and has now got, what he believes to be, a fairly accurate estimate of how much he needs to order.

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