Friday, July 03, 2015

Slow lane

The Silver Vixen's iPad seems to have slipped into the slow lane. Despite having very fast internet (finally), her iPad seems excruciatingly slow. GF sat down, applied all the outstanding updates and upgrades and got rid of a lot of apps that are no longer used. Time will tell if it makes a difference, but the indications are not good. GF's iPad, which is the same age, seems fine. He suspects it is related to the amount of memory available, as that is the only difference between the machines.

A nice man from Tesco turned up at the door with several cases of wine. This was not a random act of kindness (though that would have been appreciated). It was the order placed in preparation for tomorrow's neighbourhood soiree. Once that was all tucked away GF headed off to Sainsburys for several cases of beer. Tomorrow morning he must collect the glasses and some bags of ice.

It has been gloriously hot today, so we will, no doubt, hear a) complaints regrading the heat, and b) hear that this is because of global warming. In fact it is just the position of the Azores high and a low pressure area over the Atlantic drawing hot air up from Africa (and dumping Saharan sand on the cars in the process). Oh yes, and when you hear that the temperature at Heathrow reached a record - remember that Hetahrow is several square miles of concrete that absorbs then gives off the heat. Also, all the air conditioned buildings exhaust hot air into the area. (Go and stand by the exhaust side of any air conditioner if you need to test this).


Anonymous said...

As someone who understands the difference between weather and climate, what is your position on Global Warming?

The Gorse Fox said...

That's easy, and hopefully not too controversial. The Climate is changing. That's what climate does. It has been changing since the day the earth was formed and will continue so to do. It is a dynamic system that has may influences, the most important probably being the sun. Whilst I have little time for this tosh about CO2... (how can cause follow effect?) I do believe we are mere custodians of the planet for future generations and should care for it. It seems that the science has been corrupted and taken over by media and politics and it is so difficult now to get to the underlying truth. Example was this week the study was reported on CO2 causing greater ocean acidification - the same day that a group of scientists concluded that an increase in CO2 probably has more benefits than drawbacks. Only the former item was reported in the mainstream media. Global Warming has become the new religion and those that question it are apostates. As one quote said yesterday - the science says one thing, but scientists are saying something else.