Monday, July 13, 2015


As with many house moves, we still have many items that are stored in the garage. The garage, a place in which one traditionally keeps the car, is effectively little more than a storage facility for which we don't pay rent. With plans to build a large deck later in the year, the Gorse Fox will need somewhere to work. (By then the garden will have been landscaped, and sawdust is not a part of the overall design). With this in mind, the Gorse Fox has started to give thought to the re-organisation of the garage.  The roof space has now been part-boarded. There isn't really room for full-boarding as that requires sufficient head-height to access the space for the storage and retrieval of items. There is still space for some more boards, but it is approaching optimum and even now the Gorse Fox thinks that some items will be a challenge to access, once stored away.

On this topic, new houses rarely have boarded attics. Indeed most building advise against the use of the main roof-space as the insulation would be disturbed. It is now possible to get "saddles" to prop up boards without interfering with the insulation, but the Gorse Fox doesn't really want to store stuff in the attic space. It would just become an excuse to accumulate more stuff. There are, however, some items that do take a lot of storage, are used, but only occasionally. Top of this list is the collection of suitcases which are only needed when we go away. The Gorse Fox has decided the best solution for these is to insert some large hooks in the rafters and just hang the suitcases from them. It gets the cases out of the way, makes them easy to access, and has no impact on the insulation. Hooks acquired from B&Q. Problem solved.

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