Thursday, June 11, 2015


A morning spent with the normal household admin and then some more work on the web site. The slight irritation he has is that when copying and pasting information into the web site editor, it seems to insist on inserting its own html.  The GF wants the text copied, not the formatting. GF will have to experiment some more as it takes a long time to strip out all of the unwanted tags.

The formal gardens outside the house are looking particularly nice at the moment, but much of the afternoon was spent at the Nissan garage. The Silver Vixen's car was booked in for some diagnostic checks. After about thirty minutes the mechanic came to say that he would be installing two software upgrades - one to the engine management system, and one to the gearbox. It took a while for the code to be downloaded and installed, but eventually it was complete and GF headed home.

Our neighbour works repairs minor dings and dents in cars. He had noticed we had a tiny ding on the door where someone has clearly opened their door against us. He offered to fix it. Thirty minutes later, he had to postpone the work. It was clear that the ding was in a location that could be reached by any of his standard tools or jemmies. He resolved to make a new tool and try again next week. This seemed beyond the call of duty, and warranted a trip to the local pub as thank you.

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