Saturday, June 13, 2015


The Silver Vixen finished her planting this morning - though further plants are required. Then after a quick change she was up and out to meet with a friend for some lunch and tea. The Gorse Fox has been left to his own devices. Jasper roams the corridors seeking the Silver Vixen. Jasper will have to wait.

The Gorse Fox has been working on the genealogy of the Law side of the family and working out how best to tell their story on the website. He has been digging out some additional photos that were not previously featured and ensuring they were all resized to provide some consistency in the way they were displayed. Links have been sent to a few cousins to see if there is anything that they can add (or, indeed, correct). Changes are hidden from the main site for now, but once the drafts have been checked, GF will move on to the next family.

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