Thursday, June 18, 2015

Speeding up

The morning, interrupted by the Ocado delivery, was spent working on the "Law" branch of GF's family tree. This now covers 11 generations and stretches back to the 1720s or 1730s. Most satisfying to get some decent updates done and with a little fiddling around he managed to reformat and rewrite a lot of the family story for that branch of the tree.

The doorbell rang. It was neighbour Ian. "I've just ordered BT Infinity" he started to explain. He had been checking daily and it has just been shown as available for our location. He started to explain further when Trudi interrupted to point out that they had just had a new grandchild delivered this morning. (Ian probably should have started with that bit of news).

GF phoned BT. Thirty minutes later he too had BT Infinity on order. Equipment should arrive next week, and service should commence on 30th June. It will be nice to leap from 3Mbps to nearly 40!

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