Saturday, June 20, 2015


Most of today was spent buried in roots. For the Silver Vixen, this was planting up some of the plants she had bought for the planters out the front. For the Gorse Fox, it was family tree research and writing.

Out the front the Silver Vixen chatted with a neighbour, who had had a recent scare when her husband had a fit of some type. Ambulances were called and he was taken to hospital for a check-up. It was a bit of a shock, but he seems all right now - though cannot drive for a year. He seemed quite sanguine about it - despite having to cancel a cruise scheduled to depart this weekend.

Gorse Fox continued his research and came across Speculum Gregis. This is an account of the inhabitants of the village of Croydon-cum-Clopton in Cambridgeshire, the village from whence his mother's maternal line hail. The account was written by the Rev. Fulford who became vicar for the village in 1841. This was a very useful source, providing a further insight into the ancestors... which, on that side of the family, have now been driven back to the 1720s or 1730s (some 11 or 12 generations).

Having completed a draft of his write-up on that part of the family, Gorse Fox passed it on to various cousins for comment and additional information. He eagerly awaits any new data.

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