Monday, June 22, 2015

More digging

The Silver Vixen was out for the day. The Gorse Fox spent most of the day with his genealogical research. Now he is delving into the Silver Vixen's maternal line. What was very clear, again, was how amateur much of the online research has been. As the GF digs through online records he finds one anomaly after another - and researcher claiming ancestors that clearly do not fit their family parameters. GF now has over 1600 people in the family tree - and includes nobody unless there is documentary proof of their relationship.

Urban-cub called to tell us all about her first day on the new job. It certainly sounds as if she is excited and her induction is clearly quite thorough. The only cloud on her horizon was the fact she couldn't pick up the new car today as the money hadn't come through - but that should be ok tomorrow.

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