Sunday, June 21, 2015

More digging

There was no football today - we didn't have sufficient numbers due to various other commitments. The Gorse Fox made the most of the time delving further into the family history. He has now re-directed his efforts at the Silver Vixen's maternal line.

After lots of digging and mining through the data, it became clear (once again) that you can't always rely on the information that you have been given - even by those who should remember. It was soon evident that the GF had information about Thomas, but the information matched that gleaned from the records for Richard. Indeed, there are no records for Thomas. This meant a lot of data had to be shifted around to ensure everything is now correct.

Mid afternoon GF was delighted to get a video-call from Cousteau-cub. She had been out diving; indeed she is getting a lot of diving at present as the only underwater photographer currently on the island. She has acquired a new puppy, so is a bit sleep-deprived at the moment. Then, to complete the set, Urban-cub popped in also. GF had spoken to her this morning, but not expected to see her until tomorrow. So that was a nice surprise.

Hay fever is a bit troublesome today.

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