Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Co inky dink

GF is not a great believer in coincidence. However, now and again something happens that makes you go "hummmmm?"

After doing all his email this morning, the Gorse Fox thought it was about time he checked with BT regarding the availability of high-speed (Infinity) broadband. He went through the various web pages and it concluded that it was now in the exchange and the local cabinet, but not yet available to him. He sighed, and thought no more about it.

At lunchtime the post arrived. In it was a one page leaflet from BT. The leaflet said they had been work on the fibre in our road and GF should phone to see if it was available to him. Astonishing coincidence. As there are only 10 houses in the road he thought the chances must be fair. He made the call... and coincidentally BT Infinity is NOT yet available to him.

Oh well!

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