Friday, June 05, 2015


GF got an email to remind him that it was time to pay for another year of email services. No, no, no, not the Gmail service he uses, but an address he has had for years at  Reviewing its value and use, GF decided that it was time to let it go... and cancelled the account. This, however, had some knock-on effects.

Gorse Fox's apple account was based on the defunct address, as was his Facebook account. These needed to be reset and that was where the whole afternoon disappeared. It wasn't simple, there were rescue addresses to change, primary addresses to change and all the various automatic logins that are set on phones, tablets, and laptops.

GF also spent a couple of hours on YouTube refreshing his understanding of Joomla. He used it earlier to change his genealogy website, but it is time to start changing his own family website - and he needed to get back up to speed before he actually changed anything.

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