Saturday, May 09, 2015

Pah, wet

Well, GF had been rather pleased at how long he had gone, playing football outside at least twice a week, without getting his shatterproof glasses wet. It is has been dry during all matches since the end of January. Remarkable.

Today we played in the Sussex FA Walking Football Tournament - and the rain decided that enough was enough and GF was going to get soaked. So it was that we played in driving rain and sleet as the storm came in across the coast and blasted the pitches at Lancing. GF had to capitulate and take his glasses off. They have been well and truly christened. We played 4 games. Won two and lost two, ending up right in the middle of the pack of nine competing teams. Great fun, and we played some nice football. Best part was probably beating our local rivals (Worthing) 5-0.

Back home the sun was shining and the afternoon was spent in the Orangery. GF has now fitted (most of) a "reveal" that hides the LED lights, ensuring we see their glow without seeing the actual bulbs. Last bit should be fitted in the morning, then GF has to paint the skirting boards (but as they are pre-primed, that should only take an hour or so).

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