Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Well by 0530, GF was wide awake and starting to fidget. He got up. He had stern words with himself. He has retired, after all! There was no need to be awake, let alone up at 0530.

GF made the most of the time by moving some DVD images around and digitising several other DVDs. These are now nestling on the new Raspberry Pi's external drive and play beautifully through the main TVs. The only outstanding problems that GF has are related to use of the TV remote - or at least the fact that it doesn't work. At this point, that means using a keyboard.

Football was the main event for the morning. Four 6-aside games followed by 3 5-aside games. The games went well, and GF was pleased to score three very good goals. GF did manage to twist his ankle during the second game, so is feeling a bit sore this evening. He isn't sure whether he will be able to play tomorrow, but he will give it a try.

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