Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The Gorse Fox is suffering from some serious sciatica. This is causing the left leg to prove painful to walk on, sit on, climb stairs with, or indeed just rest. With that in mind, he went to football anyway. The idea was to see if so gentle exercise might free it up a bit. It didn't.

We only played 4-a-side today, but GF was one of the captains and carefully picked a very mobile team. We kicked off, and GF dropped into defence... and there he stayed. One or two steps to the left, one or two steps to the right, and some passes up to his team mates. Very gentle. What was clear, however, was the degree to which his doing nothing improved the game! The first 20 minute game was won 8-2; the second 13-2. Maybe he should do nothing more often.

Back home the lawn was just smirking at him as it silently continued to grow. He tried to put it off, but clearly some intervention was required. Duly, the lawn mower and strimmer were freed from the confines of the garage and lawn whipped into shape.

GF has download a video editor for the Macs. Now he'd better look at the tutorials.

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