Thursday, May 21, 2015

Curate's Egg

GF got up early to read some reviews on TVs. We wanted something appropriate for the Orangery, but didn't want to spend a fortune.  After our man from Ocado delivered the shopping, we headed for Chi.

The Silver Vixen wanted some foam and some fabric to make some cushions - so that was our first stop. Then we headed on to Curry's. We wandered through their TV section looking at what was available and making a few notes. Then we wandered next door to John Lewis. Again we looked at what was on display and compared the prices with those from Curry's. Pricing was similar, but more than GF wanted to spend. Then the old eyes locked onto so display models that were being sold. A few minutes later Gf had a superb 42", internet enabled, LG Smart TV. We took it down from the wall, wrapped it in bubble wrap, parted with a couple of hundred of Her Majesty's fine pounds and headed home along with a wall mounting kit.

So far, so good.

GF started working on the wall mounting bracket. The particular model chosen was selected as it would fit in the gap between the aerial socket and the double plug. GF started to measure up, but was convinced it was too high, and lowered the marks for the drill. Holes were drilled, the bracket mounted and fixed, and the TV slotted onto the bracket. All had gone well.

Well, maybe not.

GF noticed three things at this point. The bracket was too close to the aerial (1) and plug sockets (2)... and the only way they could be used was to pull the bracket open. This left the TV some 9 inches proud of the wall. This was NOT appropriate. GF will have to take it all down and remount it... but that can wait for tomorrow (when he has bought some new wall plugs).

The third thing was that the TV had now power cable. A bit of an over-site. GF called John Lewis, then headed back to Chi. 45 minutes later he was home clutching two spare power cables and a voucher for a free coffee for the trouble he had been caused.

Anyway, the TV works fine, and it can stay put until tomorrow when GF will sort it out.

While all this was going on Urban-cub had been visiting us. She has finished her old job and is now waiting for the new job to start. This is giving her some well-deserved downtime, and it was lovely to see her.

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