Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The foot was feeling a lot better this morning. Certainly it was worth the trip across to Worthing for the football.

GF started very carefully, with the foot strapped up. As the game progressed the foot eased and GF started to move about more quickly and assertively. This was good. Well, good unless you are called Terry and playing against GF. GF went in to intercept a pass, Terry, unable to stop, crashed into the Gorse Fox. Terry went down like a sack of spuds, clutching his ribs. He was down for several minutes so we declared half-time to give him a chance to recover... which he slowly did. The game continued without further incident - but GF's team did win very conclusively.

Back home, Trevor (from Apollo) had arrived to fit the blinds. All did not go smoothly.

One set had been manufactured incorrectly and will have to be re-ordered, two others were perfect fits - other than the fact the skirting boards had encroached on the original measurements.

The skirting boards had to be removed near the windows in question and then trimmed and refitted. The final result was excellent but GF has a little touching up to do with a paint brush.

With the blue blinds and blue LEDs it's a bit like being in an aquarium... or diving in the Andaman Sea.

While all this was going on, IKEA delivered the chairs we had ordered for the family room. These didn't take long to assemble. In fact it took longer cut the cardboard containers down to size for disposal than it did to assemble the chairs.

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