Friday, April 17, 2015

Send off

The funeral was a typical event, for our family, i.e. it was a glorious event. We gathered at the Crematorium along with a large contingent of serving and retired Police Officers. As we milled about we introduced ourselves to each other - it is, after all, decades since some of us have met. The police formed up into an honour guard and lining the route to the chapel. It was, clearly, a very proud and poignant moment for the family.

The ceremony was brief. A few words from the Police chaplain, a time for reflection, a eulogy from Mark's son and a flurry of tissues all round.

We gathered in the courtyard to remember a fine man who was clearly very highly respected. This where it morphed into our typical funeral as we, respectfully started to chuckle and joke as we reminisced.

Leaving the courtyard we drove to the Herts Police Sports & Social Club where there was tea laid on. (Though being a Police Social Club, there was also a bar, of course). It was nice to chat with cousins and a thoughtful touch was added when the Police came round with A5 cards for us to write our stories of Mark so that they all be bound into a book of remembrance.

GF said his goodbyes, and took leave at about 1500. It had only taken 2 hours to get there, so he should be home around 1700. Of course the phenomenon that is the M25 and Friday stepped in at this point. He queued in traffic from Rickmansworth round to Guildford, and then, south of Petworth, the road was closed with a long diversion. Two hours had become three and three-quarters. Pah! Still, GF wouldn't have missed the funeral even if had known.

Once home, Urban-cub was visiting, as was GF's sister and Trevor. We had a lovely supper and chance to chat (and perhaps we will reveal more about the subject in forthcoming posts) before they all disappeared leaving GF with the weary but gorgeous Silver Vixen. Say what you will, he is a lucky man.

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