Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Per Ardua ad Astroturf

In praise of astroturf - GF must admit it has several advantages, primary one being that it doesn't need mowing(*). After today's football, a shower, and some lunch GF went out to mow the lawns. The eternal nature of real grass means that it has started to break through the mess left by the builders and is beginning to look a bit too long. Hopefully, if and when we actually get any quotes from the landscapers - this will be a thing of the past... but for now, it still requires attention. So it was that GF wandered back and forth pushing his little mower for the early part of the afternoon.

(*) Astroturf also withstands heavy rain without getting waterlogged, it has a slight spring in the surface which is kind on the joints and it is very forgiving when you get clattered to the deck.

Todays football comprised 8 matches of 10 minutes a piece. Teams were made up on the fly at the beginning of the session, and it all ended pretty even (though GF has no idea what the scores were).

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