Monday, April 06, 2015

DIY - Part 6

Walls masked, and painted in Almond White. First coat took 4 hours to put on, but with a re-coat time of 2 hours, GF was able to do the second coat as well. Fortunately that only took three hours. Decorating is essentially done, though GF was less than pleased to find the low-tack masking tape still managed to strip a few bits of the painted ceiling. A bit of touching up needed in the morning.

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scobi said...

Looking good GF.

Re masking tape, I have taken a tip from an expert (my dad!) and have dispensed with the masking tape. It is just as likely to leak or bleed or otherwise mess up, so his advice, that I have taken, is to simply paint with a steady hand and a calm, bold, single-swipe action. May seem counter-intuitive, but my finishes are better for it.

P.S. I did write about the spray painting of fences, and do recommend!