Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Close Shave

The Gorse Fox was driving home after the football. A large lorry was coming in the opposite direction. As it rounded the bend heading north, it ripped a branch from a tree and deposited it across the road in front of the GF's car. The lorry drove on. The road was completely blocked.

The traffic backed up and several of us south-bound drivers and a few of the north-bound drivers went to examine the obstacle. In the end we decided there were enough of us to manhandle the arborial roadblock out of the highway. Ten minutes of grunting and dragging later - the Gorse Fox was covered in pine resin, but the road was clear. GF headed home, thankful that he was not 10 yards further ahead than he had been. He suspects a branch like that would leave more that a scratch on the car's paintwork.

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