Friday, April 24, 2015


No, GF is not talking about the underlying machine language for IBM Mainframes (though would love to wax lyrical on the subject or, perhaps, write an epic poem about it). No today GF was assembling the chairs that were brought back from IKEA yesterday. It didn't take too long, and it has now helped us get a better idea of the room we have spare in the Orangery. We are still debating whether to get some side tables or get one central coffee table.

We also contacted the man who fixed all our blinds and shutters. It seems only fair to give him a chance to quote before we default to Outside Interests, who supplied the Orangery.

Best news of the day (and this harks back to a discussion held last Friday) is that Urban-cub has now been offered a cracking new job at Gatwick Airport. It will mean leaving the prison service after some ten years - but she has learned much and now has the opportunity to put it into practice - an opportunity that was often promised but never fulfilled at HMPS. Well done Urban-cub; we are very proud of you.

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