Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Well the netbook that was the subject of yesterday's post was rebooted with a Linux Live USB stick. This allowed the Gorse Fox to text out how well the low powered ATOM processor would cope. It soon became clear that, with a few minor nits, it worked a lot better than the Windows 7 that had been installed. GF fiddled and played for a while and decided this was a better use of the Netbook than leaving the sluggish W7 software on board (it took 5 hours to download and apply the latest W7 fixes yesterday). W7 was formally retired at this point.

Ubuntu (Linux) has now been installed and the Gorse Fox is using the resurrected hardware to write this blog post. He still needs to change a couple of things, but it is very noticeable how much responsive the machine is.

Being Tuesday, GF had his usual football session. It was hard today as two of our players were not very mobile, which meant the rest of us had to cover a lot of ground. Despite our valiant efforts we lost all three games today. Oh well, better luck tomorrow.

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