Sunday, March 22, 2015


The late night with the neighbours made the Gorse Fox a little lethargic as the football started, but he was soon into the swing of things. It was a hard game, and we just edged it by one goal in the end. Very satisfying.

Back home the Gorse Fox tried to watch the afternoon soccer, but couldn't get the Sky box to switch out of standby-mode. An hour of fiddling, researching, fiddling some more and failing was beginning to look like a requirement for a new digibox. One last try meant resetting and reloading the software. Fortunately this worked.


Anonymous said...

Does "resetting and reloading the software" translate to turning it off and back on again?

The Gorse Fox said...

Ahh, not quite. It is a matter of holding down the right additional buttons whilst it is being turned on. This forces it to do a software reload from SKY.