Monday, March 30, 2015

On your marks...

The Gorse Fox is bone idle, by nature. This means that he has to gear himself up to do anything of any significance. Today he has been gearing up to decorate the Orangery. A trip to B&Q for paint and a long roller and to look for some suitable mouldings behind which to hide the LED up-lights. The painting bits are now sitting waiting for the surfaces to be suitably dry, though at the moment the plaster still shows some damp patches. The moulding was less successful. The Gorse Fox bought one, but having looked at it in situ, he is not convinced it is right answer. Back to the metaphorical drawing board.

On another front, GF had the chap from the local installer of PV solar panels come to visit. GF thinks they are a good idea and a good investment. The chap came round to survey the property and will now go off to give us a quote. We will be interested to see what he comes back with.

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