Monday, March 23, 2015

Non modo, sed etiam

The Gorse Fox dug out his laptop so that he could do some work in the kitchen rather than retiring to his upstairs study. With the electrician back on site to complete the first fix, the Gorse Fox wanted to be on hand to answer any queries. He switched on the laptop and firstly had to reconnect it to the home network - evidently this was on device that had been forgotten when the new hub was installed. Clearly, it had been a long time since it had been used. It had, however retained a good battery charge. It fired up. It started to look for updates. The Gorse Fox decided to run it from the battery to give it a work-out.

This combination seemed too much for the vintage netbook. It started scanning for required updates and the battery started to gently dischage as it powered the machine. The Gorse Fox kept an eye on the battery and after about 15 minutes it was down to 95% - excellent.

Then the machine died with an audible click.

The Gorse Fox plugged it in and rebooted. Everything snapped back into life - except the batter which is now sitting there with  a red cross through it. Dead. The Gorse Fox remembers how difficult it was to get a replacement last time, and fears that this signals the end of this device as a mobile computer. It  may still have a use, but will have to relly on a power cable.

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