Saturday, March 14, 2015

Excellent afternoon

We met up with Sue and Trevor, and after a coffee we headed out to Stanmer - on the outskirts of Brighton. It was a lovely day, though a chilly wind blasted in from the east.

The idea was to have a short walk, and visit the nurseries, then stop for a tea. It didn't quite work out as the nurseries were closed. Apparently Council cuts have limited weekend opening during the winter months.

We conducted an about-face and headed back the other way, stopping briefly at the museum (which was just closing) where the Silver Vixem managed to purchase a oval bowl with a silver finish. This should look really good on the coffee table in the lounge.
We carried on through the village, then doubled back to Stanmer House where we had a cream tea and discussed the upcoming family wedding.

Leaving later than expected, we headed straight across to Hove and found a table at Sue & Trevor's favourite Indian restaurant. For the next three hours we sat and chatted whilst consuming the finest cuisine emanating from the sub-continent.

Excellent day... though we were very late getting home. This would normally have been a concern as Jasper the Cat needs feeding. We have, however, now got an automatic feeder that pops open after a pre-determined time. This allowed us to set his dinner, and time the feeder to open at the right time. This has also proved a godsend for the morning. His breakfast has popped open at 0630 and that way he has left us alone. Result!

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