Thursday, March 19, 2015


No tradesmen today. We are alone. It seems strange, somehow.

The Gorse Fox started his admin with a call to the MD of the company providing the Orangery:
"Hello, this is the Gorse Fox, I was just calling to say how delighted we are with the progress so far, and more importantly to say what a credit to the company your fitters were. Polite, diligent, tidy and always cheerful."
The MD was a bit taken aback. Most people, it appears, provide no feedback. (In fact, according to our fitters, most people do not even offer them a cup of tea - whereas we provided a steady stream of tea, coffee and biscuits throughout their time with us).

That done, it was back to the budgets (the Council Tax payments have gone down, and GF's company pension has gone up slightly). Talking of budgets, the Chancellor did a good job and the Spring Budget was very positive. God help us all if the economically incontinent Labour Party get back in - though it does seem that they have an interesting strategy - get into power, spend until the country is broke, let the Tories in to sort out the finances and cause everyone to hate their austerity measures, then get back in and repeat.

Back in the real world, GF and the Silver Vixen have been out to get some lights and prepare generally for the Electrician's visit tomorrow. We need to make sure we know where all of the plug sockets and lights are likely to be.

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