Thursday, September 04, 2014


Another very successful day - boxes continued to be emptied and piled up awaiting collection. Urban-cub and the Silver Vixen concentrated on the kitchen whilst the Gorse Fox made a start on his study.

The phone rang. The lady who runs the cleaning company that was scheduled to finish off the Fontwell house had been sent for some immediate scans - she would have to let us down. Houston, we have a problem. The Gorse Fox had to find an alternate company who could come in a short notice and do the job. he phoned the letting agent and they suggested an alternative. Five minutes later the Gorse Fox had arranged to meet the chap late on Thursday afternoon. Looks like Houston won't have to worry too much.

We had to pop over to Fontwell to let the removal men into the garage so they could finish the job from yesterday. Gorse Fox proudly showed the Silver Vixen the cleaning he had done as the removals men vacated the property, and promptly noticed that where he had touched up various paint spots - the paint showed as a different colour. Looks like he'll have to go back and repaint each of the walls where he touched up blemishes.

Finished off the day with an almost clear kitchen, the Gorse Fox's study ready for action and a trip to the local Indian take-away. Perfect.

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